Our Main Products are :

Bonding Agent & Plasticiser for Mortars.
Bitumen Cold/ Hot Waterproof Coating.
Cementitious Repair Mortars & Grouts.
Carbon Fibre Laminates & Textiles (Belgium).
Tile Adhesive & Tile Grout.
Chemical Anchors (Germany).
Cementitious & Acrylic Waterproof Coating.
PVC Waterstops & Swell Bars.
Fire Resistant Products (UK).
Joint Sealants & Polyurethane Foam (France).
Rust Remover for Steel Reinforcement ( USA)
Injection Resins, Pumps & Packers (Germany).
Multi Injectable Hose (Switzerland).
Bituminous Water Proofing Membrane (Saudi Arabia).
Shuttering Oil, Curing Compounds
Flexible Jointing System (U.K).
Styro Foam Thermal Insulation (Saudi Arabia).

Specialist In : Construction Chemicals
Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) are suppliers and distributors of Specialized Construction Chemicals in United Arab Emirates. ACT provides a range of products that are suitable for use at any stage of new construction. In addition, products and services are available for the maintenance and repair of existing buildings.

Abu Dhabi Main Office: P.O.Box 8060, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Tel. No.: 02 – 6655288    Fax No.: 02 – 6668357

Ajman Branch Office: P.O.Box 7230, Ajman, U.A.E.
Tel. No.: 06 – 7431320    Fax No.: 06 – 7431325

E-mail: info@actemirates.ae